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The biggest question you need to ask yourselves today is WHY do you do what you do?

What drives you?

Understanding your why, guides you on a clear path, while passionately experiencing life in your zone of genius.

It’s what motivates you to transform and go from the ordinary to extraordinary!

What story will YOU write to create your dream life?

My Story

You’re probably thinking “Is she related to Abraham Hicks?”

While I’m not related to him, with the alignment of our philosophies on flipping everything to a positive, you’d be forgiven for thinking we were connected by blood.

It is a philosophy that has grown throughout my life, since the time I realised I was suppressing the truth of who I am.

I grew up in multicultural Melbourne and had a typical Aussie upbringing. As a girl, I was put into a box labelled ‘sensitive’ and I found it challenging to break free from the boundaries of that label.

As a result, I kept my voice on ‘low’ and went about life how you’re ‘supposed to’. I went to school and eventually transitioned into a corporate, 9-5 career. A successful one, I might add. On paper.

Off the record, OMG the lessons I learned through the experiences I lived outside of that corporate box. However, that’s for a 1:1 conversation.

Let’s just say I was on autopilot for a long time. On the surface, no one would have known the undercurrents of disease I was wading through, as I strove to show the world the narrative of a carefree woman with all her ducks in a row.

Before long, the dormant inner voice from my girlhood came to the surface, and I couldn’t shake the desire for more in this life.

That inner voice told me I was too smart and skilled to keep playing it safe; to keep playing small… as opposed to living, spending quality time with my family, and shining my light.

That was the moment I decided to explore what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Debra J Hicks is Your Happiness Coach here to help you find your Why and life purpose

I exist to help you to experience your true self

My journey home to self

When I was recovering from pacemaker surgery, femoral stent surgery, and a 2-year case of contact dermatitis at my childhood home, the family decided to sell it. At first, I felt a sense of rejection and resentment. Where was I going to continue my recovery?

One day, a friend asked me, ‘What would you be doing if you weren’t the Sick Girl?’ And I replied, ‘I’d live.’

In that moment, I realised I was not living. Not really.

More than that, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. And none of the coaches I’d worked with, none of the courses I had done had made the difference that I needed. Because none of them really ‘got it’, they didn’t really ‘get me’.

I needed a guide who wanted to connect with my soul and draw out the essence that lived within. I needed someone who could show me the path home to Self.

I wanted someone who was invested in MY journey, not just in delivering a formula or process. I couldn’t find anyone who was aligned with where I was in my journey, someone who had actually walked the path I needed to walk. I didn’t know how to extract what was within me and neither did they.

I knew that, if I was going to get anywhere, I had to be the one in the driver’s seat. I had to live it to fully understand the shifts I needed to make so I could model the example and hold the space for people who needed a guide like me.

So, I packed my car, put the rest of my things in storage, and set off on an adventure.

For 6 months, I lived in Queensland, exploring the culture, enjoying the food, engaging with the people. And discovering parts of myself I thought were lost.

That sensitive girl—the one I’d shoved into a box during my childhood—she began to resurface, more and more powerfully, as I returned closer and closer to home within myself.

The next leg of my trip found me living in Byron Bay for 6 months, diving into my surroundings as much as into my own essence, so I could reclaim and draw out the core of my Authentic Self.

I was on a mission to stay away from my family until I had rediscovered my own path. Everyone’s journey is different—for me, it took 12 months, but I finally found the strength of Self I needed to return to Melbourne.

A group of women sharing in the vision to embrace their life and enjoy it with Debra J Hicks next to them

The birth of Soul Purpose Formula

It was during my 12-month external and internal exploration that I created the Soul Purpose Formula and realised the depth of experience and wisdom I had at my fingertips. I understood how to apply it practically, not only for myself, but for others who needed my guidance.

So, I began my journey on the road of entrepreneurship, with all my ducks finally lined up in a row. But something still didn’t feel quite right. I didn’t want them just lined up, I wanted them all quacking at the same time!

I wanted my business to be a true reflection of the personal journey I had been on. I wanted my clients to benefit from the range of tools and techniques I had implemented in my own personal, spiritual and professional development.

The missing piece of the puzzle was my certification in the Timeline Reset and Delete Reset methods that allowed me to pinpoint and permanently remove my own blocks, which I have also successfully applied with clients with the same level of results.

I was always confident that I was on an aligned path, but I am now certain in the lifechanging application of my wisdom and modality. Through Soul Purpose Formula and my unique combination of gifts and tools, I WILL guide you to change your life.

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