Soul Purpose Formula – Deep Dive Timeline Reset

Soul PurposeDeep Dive!

Your 3 HR – Timeline Delete Reset intensive

This session will be all you need to get you going on your path towards your SOUL’S PURPOSE!
There are no coincidences in life, serendipity is at play here. Question is are you brave enough to follow your instincts that have led you to this page and start the journey you are destined for with confidence and clarity.

Here’s what’s included:

This is your quest to discover your Authentic Self!

Experience what is possible when YOU are EMOTIONALLY FREE. The powerful combination of MANIFESTING YOUR DESIRES when in ALIGNMENT with who you are presenting as in your life today. It’s all about ALIGNING with YOUR MAGNETICS.


First uncover and release all of the old addictions and emotional reactions to past habits, call them as the BS they are, that does not serve you and quite frankly is not even really who your are…OMG you will discover how refreshing it is to work with yourself from the foundations of you in PRESENT time TODAY.


Cutting cords, anchors, energic hooks, curses or karmic contracts, vows or  obligations to addictions, habits or blocks to self-healing or thriving in life we shift the energy. We will Delete and Reset on your very own TIMELINE. 

Fullest Living

Once you have discovered who your are, living from your beleifs, with a positive mindset and a healthy love of self, you can magnitize what you want to attract.

Zone of Genius

Standing confidently with crystal clarity, focus, an understanding of your MAGNETICS and zone of genius, plus your 30 day plan to contiue moving forward in the life you have always dreamed of!

When you choose personal growth and expansion, you choose SELF. Your world opens up to SELF ACCEPTANCE, SELF LOVE, SELF CARE. It’s the pathway that leads you home to the core of your essence, where your true MAGIC lives.

Increase Your Awareness

Step outside yourself for a moment, be the observer looking at your life from the outside in, get total clarity about where you are, so you can see where you want to be. 

Delete Your Limiting Beliefs

Find the limiting beliefs, behaviors, emotions and language holding you back. Using scientifically proven methods, energy psychology, and metaphysics I will guide you to change those beliefs quickly and permanently!

Transform by Removing All Emotional Stress

Once your mindset and emotions are realigned, you will have transformed all your emotional stress. Your new way of thriving will be supported and strengthened each day with your new recorded words, to be played for 30 days, re-enforcing this change forever.

Our Four Step Mantra

Ask –

Place your order in to the Universe with CONSCIOUS INTENTION!

Believe –

Have faith in your ability to manifest with ease!

Take Action –

Purposefully and with TOTAL confidence, take control of your destiny!

Receive –

Become magnetised and open yourself up to receiving!

Don’t cheat on your future with your past…

Managing your emotions is imperative to making progress in every part of your life!

It’s a joy to design a detailed plan with you for your new direction moving forward, one that you feel JOYFUL implementing. All this while opening yourself up to LOVING yourself unconditionally. The key is your full commitment to your future, taking massive action, so YOU can have it ALL!

My coaching style is future focused. You start where you are now. Together, we uncover who you are not,  rewire what habits are stopping you, illuminate your genius of who you truly are bringing forward your Authentic Self. 

Creating life-changing results, freedom, SELF LOVE confidence to move forward, stepping into true abundance in all areas. Indeed your Sovereignty!

Client Love

You know that you are at the right intersection of your life.
When your passion collides with what the world wants.

Debra J Hicks