Change your Habits, Change your Life – 12 month program

When you release old habits and create
new routines, a new amazing life is born!

It is so exciting to recognise and let go of old paradigms and patterns that are no longer useful. Maybe they even belonged to a distant relative, friend, or work colleague. They freedom and JOY comes when you start to uncover what sparks YOUR happiness.

Your inner voice is yearning to come out and play. It’s time to acknowledge the beautiful intuitive spiritual being that you are. Let the MAGNETICS of your essence align and flow from you WITH EASE AND GRACE!

I’m here to help you find the way to your Soul Purpose so that you can live YOUR BEST LIFE. I hold the space you need to get you there and continue with your journey – because changing your habits CAN completely change your life!

What's yours to discover when working with me?

You know you’ve got it in you to do something that creates an impact.

You’re a game changer. A trailblazer. But there’s something missing that you don’t quite know how to find…

You want to:

This 12 month cycle is focused on releasing what no longer serves you, so you can create a new life. The key is making changes that are sustainable so that the beautiful changes you experience continue to live on organically as part of how you ARE in your new life as Authentic You.

Sound like what you’re looking for? Book a chat with me below to find out how this could work for you!

You amazing, high energy,
self-assured woman. Yes, you.

You are ready for the next chapter in your life, creating more for yourself and the people around you. You are open and willing to creating your own path! You’re trail blazing on your adventure towards your Authentic Self and are NOT AFRAID TO TAKE ACTION!
You move forward in your life deliberately and you get results. 

Discovering your Soul’s Purpose and true genius is important to you!

You are naturally calm, in flow and move forward with grace and ease. You know who you are and believe in yourself!
BUT…putting everything in your life together and creating consistency is the part that escapes you. I’m right, aren’t I? Well, don’t worry – you’re in the right place!

The journey you are guided through looks like this:

Increase your awareness

You will increase your awareness by looking at your life from the outside to get total clarity about where you are and where you want your boundaries to be.

Find the limiting beliefs

Then, you find the limiting beliefs, behaviours and language holding you back. Using scientifically proven methods and energy psychology, you will change those beliefs quickly and permanently!

Transform any stress

Once you have your mind and emotions under control and centred, you will be able to transform any stress. You will discover what thoughts are creating the problems you are experiencing and learn how to change them forever.

Managing your emotions

Managing your emotions is imperative to making progress in every part of your life!

It’s a joy to design a detailed plan for you with your new direction moving forward, one that you feel JOYFUL implementing. The key is your full commitment to your future, taking massive action, so YOU can have it ALL!
My coaching style is future focused. You start where you are now. Together, we uncover and rewire what habits are stopping you, illuminate your genius and bring forward your Authentic Self.
You create life-changing results, freedom, and confidence to move forward and become truly abundant in all areas.

Here’s what’s included:

Our Four Step Mantra

Ask –

If you don’t consciously put you order in, you will get what’s subconscious chatter!

Believe –

Have faith in your desire!

Take Action –

Do something to have it!

Receive –

Be open to receiving!

What we will explore


The key to proper alignment is in adjusting the emotional frequency which affects how we make contact with the external world.

Authentic Self

Showing your true feelings allows others to know who you are and what you stand for. Authentic people do this all the time and it frees them from the burden of bottled up emotions


One with a natural and exceptional skill in a particular area of activity. Your genius is a second nature that comes easy and brings so much pleasure

Soul Purpose

Your soul’s mission on earth is to find how to live your purpose with the most joy, love and happiness imbued into it. Aligning with your Spirit and your Soul is happiness. … Following your mission with beauty radiating from your heart is the true purpose of all souls – finding joy and love

Where to now?

If this sounds like it is for you, the next step is to book a free discovery program session. I will give you a few tips and insights that will have you thinking about your blocks and difficulties differently, as well as what your new direction could look like when I tune into you!

This you-can-have-it-all, 12 month “Change your Habits, Change you Life” Program will have your energy vibrating to meet your zone of genius. Your true essence will be revealed, along with feelings of success and confidence! Your beliefs will change, your mindset will change, AND your results will change.

In this discovery session, you will:

There is a different way to be present and in alignment that allows you to live a bold and purposeful life.

Ultimately, this will lead to more harmony and focused work, relationships, health, confidence, and success on your life journey.
Change is a constant in life, so let’s move forward and continue evolving on this amazing journey.
I look forward to sharing YOUR journey with you!

Big hugs,

Debra x

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