The Invisible ART of calling in your YOUR SOUL PURPOSE – 8-week Intensive Program

The Invisible Art of Calling in
Your Soul Purpose

8-WEEK Intensive Program

You know you are meant for more in this life!

You want to change your world, you're just not sure where to start!

You are an intuitive and spiritual being. You already KNOW what you need to move your life forward. It’s there within you.

You just need help drawing it out. And that’s where I come in!

Even the most abundant life feels less than satisfying if you are living out of alignment with your Soul Purpose. 

This is the thing you were BORN to do in this life, the thing you were meant to gift to the world. 

Without it, you are living a life that is less than you are destined for.

Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But, like I said, you are meant for more!

Connecting to the core of self, Loving who you are and living a life that fills you up and truly matters.


Let's Get You On Your Soul Purpose

You are a trailblazer. A visionary leader for both visionary women and men. A change-maker, bursting for a new chapter in your life to begin. You want MORE – for yourself and a legacy for those who are watching the path you are walking.

Let me walk with you and you WILL find clarity around the desires of your soul. You will identify WHAT your soul is calling you to do and HOW to take aligned, purposeful action in that direction.


I won’t hold your hand. That’s not me. I WILL show you a brand new way of BEing with yourself and coaxing out the tendrils of magic you need to gift to the world.

This program will help you:

You are seeking true alignment in all facets of your life. You want to get results in life and in business. 

Let me share a key secret with you: 

If YOU are out of alignment with your Authentic Self, you are out of alignment everywhere. 

Being a visionary, you are creating healthy boundaries, discovering your authentic purpose and true genius. Calm and in flow, you move forward with grace and ease knowing and believing in yourself. But there’s one piece missing. 

THAT’S why you’re here. So, what are you waiting for?

The journey you are guided through looks like this:


Get total clarity about where you are personally / with your business right now and explore where you want to be!


We will pull everything to pieces, see what works for you and what does not. Then, we will reformat your idea of what you need to do to tap into and sustain this super energised Authentic You.


Once we have your foundation, you will feel the thrill of seeing the full depths of your passions surface. I will guide you as you design a plan for your best life, with dedicated actions to be taken over the next 12 months. 


You CAN change your life by making simple, practical and purposeful changes to the way you take on life and the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Massive Action

Your language, rituals and habits are an important part of the mix that keep this all in place. Whether you’re building a new business or revamping your existing business, you will feel refreshed and aligned with your authentic essence, setting the bar for your life and business moving forward.

If you don’t have a business, just look at these as the key building blocks to living a joyful, empowered and purposeful life!

Finally, the key to it all is your full commitment to taking massive action, for you to have it all!

Here's what's included:

Our Four Step Mantra

Ask –

Put your order in to the Universe with CONSCIOUS INTENTION!

Believe –

Have faith in your ability to manifest with ease!

Take Action –

Purposefully take control of your destiny!

Receive –

Be open to receiving!

Key Concepts


The key to proper alignment is in adjusting the emotional frequency which affects how we engage with the external world
Defining Authenticity
Developing Intuition Attracting Your Desires

Authentic Self

Showing your true feelings allows others to know who you are and what you stand for. Authentic people do this all the time and it frees them from the burden of bottled up emotions

Allowing Intuition, Ease and Grace to Flow Freely


Your genius is part of you like second nature that comes with ease and brings so much joyful pleasure.
It is when you're in your element!
The meaning of life is to find your gifts The purpose of life is to give them away

Soul Purpose

Your soul’s mission on earth is to find how to live your purpose with joy, love and happiness. Aligning with your Spirit and your Soul breeds true happiness…

Still got questions?

If this sounds like you but you haven’t jumped in yet, book a free 30 min guidance call to connect with me and ask any outstanding questions. I will give you insights into how this LIFE CHANGING program will be tailored for YOU and book the dates to get you started.

Your 8-week intensive will have your energy vibrating to meet your zone of genius. Your true essence will be revealed, along with feelings of success and confidence! Your beliefs will change, your mindset will change, AND your results will change.

Change is a constant in life, so let’s move forward and continue evolving on this amazing journey.

I look forward to holding space for your transformation from Current You to Authentic You!

Big hugs,

Debra x

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let's get you aligned and magnetic!

Debra J Hicks