90 Days to Attract Lasting Happiness




It takes 90 days for lasting change

The first 30 days to create a flow

The second 30 days to consolidate

The next 30 days to embed happiness


This 90 day journey is a process that guides you to create a new and lasting routine 

One that gets you out of your own way

Doing the things daily to uplift your vibration

While also uplifting the vibration of those around you

The solution:

CONNECT…how do you want to MANIFEST

Keep it up for 90 days 

SMILE and know that behavior matters!


It’s 29 minutes a day 

With FIVE quick exercises each day, that have all been mapped out for you

All you need to do is fill in the pages and the magic will happen 

  • Gets you moving the stuck energy in your body
  • Stills the mind, for you to feel your connection to your inner self
  • Notice and acknowledge the simple things
  • Be present in each day
  • Love your fellow human being, by uplifting their spirits and lighting them UP

Create a life that FILLS YOU UP with love and generosity

An amazing circle of beings, that empower and support one another 

Have a brilliant day that truly matter and is worth living

Debra xx

90 Days to Attract Lasting Happiness


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