Discover how to self-love so you can overcome emotional blockages, allow your authentic self to shine, and live the life of your dreams.

Discover how to self-love and let your authentic self shine

I found a leak in my sacred self-love container. I am grateful for this new, heartfelt awareness that has gifted me profound insights during a time when becoming aware is vital.

There is so much talk, movement and understanding about why self-love is the strongest vibe at the moment. People all over the planet are waking up, tuning in, coming to deep understandings about how to self-love that they weren’t open to before.

A lesson is being offered; a knowing that, what comes from the heart, doesn’t really need words. The emotion is felt, sensed, in the invisible connection between one heart and another.

We can look at this from a physiological perspective: your connection to your heart is the foundation of your entire being. You literally cannot live without it, so why do we sometimes neglect to nurture it?

Our heart connection is so profound that, when ignited, your whole body and soul is turned on. You find yourself fully expressing yourself in life, owning who you are, bringing your magic out of hiding… Your gifts, codes, magic, authentic Self, vision and purpose become apparent and you lose your fear of sharing them with the world. You go from insecure and uncertain to fully embodied, with unlimited possibilities.

When you learn how to nurture self-love and how to practise self-love, this is when your authentic life STARTS.

I was reminded the other day that there was a layer of myself that I had been hiding from. I had not recognised it until it suddenly flared within my consciousness on the day I received the news that my missing front tooth would be replaced.

I saw the part of me that was deeply sad, even miserable; a part of me I had not noticed since my decision not to let a missing tooth prevent me from stepping into the spotlight that came with the release of my co-authored book, Wild Woman Rising: Brave women who carved their own path.

You see, it had been 8 months since my front middle tooth had fallen out and I thought I had accepted a new whole version of me. “I am not defined by a missing tooth!” I told myself. “I am SO much more. I should shine my light and show my authentic Self to the world!”.

However, upon hearing of the impending arrival, my heart lifted and blew open with joy. I felt the glaring contrast staring me in the face, striking at my heart.

Realising I had been stepping back – not smiling or laughing as I often used to – I had to confront the fact that I had been hiding my light in fear of rejection. This fear I felt was as much rejection from myself as from others.

In that moment, I felt the overwhelming emotional trauma (that I had not been tuned into) begin to lift.

In this time where LOVING SELF is my first priority, so I can be the best version of me, I was delighted to discover where I was leaking a crucial part of my energetic life force.

As this is the planet’s time (and mine!) to bring ideas about how to self-love back to the forefront of our lives each and every day, I reflect on how many seemingly little things STOP us all from shining our light from the heart.

I recently worked with my first male client, over a period of 8 weeks. He was referred to me by his wife, who is also a client of mine. For the first time in a long time, he was brimming with hope after witnessing his wife’s transformation first hand. He didn’t know what he needed, only that he needed something.

After our time together, he shared with me his reflection on his own transformation. Before the journey, he was:

  • confused and lost
  • lacking in direction
  • on a path of self-destruction
  • caught up in self-blame
  • disconnected from his authentic Self and his family
  • living with his family as flatmates, with little emotional intimacy
  • hard on himself and held himself in low regard
  • lacking in self-love
  • avoiding intimacy with his wife
  • making himself feel lonely

During our sessions, we got to deep core issues that had tormented and traumatised him throughout his life. He released the emotional charge and rewired his brain with upgraded empowering beliefs. Today, he is proud of what his life looks like. He says he:

  • is a man who knows how to self-love
  • has regained direction in his life
  • is proud to have reclaimed his relationship and intimacy with his wife
  • is proud of HIMSELF and says he has changed
  • is not smoking, saving $400 per week
  • has stopped sitting in a negative space and has gotten back to where he wants to be
  • feels organised and centred with self-direction
  • has found new direction and purpose in his life
  • has his life back and LOVES it

This is the power of the work. It’s rapid. It gets to the root cause of issues to heal and upgrade your beliefs forever. Yep, I said forever.

The hypnosis recording continues to reaffirm your new words – the process of anchoring your change and the new you – FOREVER.

So, if you are not living the life of your dreams – or if, perhaps, you have even stopped dreaming that a bold and beautiful life is possible – I invite you to ask yourself:

  • What might be causing a leak in your own sacred self-love container?
  • What might be depleting your energy and impacting your ability to achieve your desires?

Find a way to discover your trauma, release it, then plug up that leak, seal yourself in powerful energy, and learn to love yourself again.

Stop waiting for it to fix itself. Reach out for guidance on how to self-love and get back on your path. Know that you DESERVE the life of your dreams and that you CAN create it.

My passion is guiding my clients in stepping fully into their authentic selves and unapologetically creating an aligned and abundant life. I am here if you are ready. Just book a discovery call and we can explore the most delicious way to move you forward in your journey.

Discover how to self-love and let your authentic self shine

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