Listen to the voice inside your mind

Listen to the voice inside your mind

There goes that inner voice again. The one in your head that says, ‘You shouldn’t have done that!’ You don’t want to hear it, but you don’t know how to turn it off. And it never turns off, so you listen to the voice inside your mind and start to question things

You do the things it tells you to do (or not do), even when they don’t feel quite right.

Sure, that inner dialogue will guide you, point you in this direction or that, but is this path one you would have chosen? If you’d given yourself permission, would you have listened to that inner critic? Or would you have thanked it for its opinion then done the thing you felt was right?

Have you asked yourself why you keep doing stuff that doesn’t align with your truth? What if I could tell you that it is possible to learn how to listen to your inner voice and turn those questions into something positive for your life?

The answer is pretty simple: Because you’re used to it. Old patterns and habits can be hard to break free from, so you keep walking the same paths until the grooves are so deep that you can’t step out of them and onto a different path. An aligned path.

Listening to the voice of your soul, past and present

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So, where do these thoughts and habits come from? Whose are they, if not yours? The answer is in our soul.

Well, some are from your soul; others from a younger version of you that was still learning. Some are shared beliefs you adopted from your parents, grandparents or other authority figures along the way.

Some are hand-me-downs, passed along through stories, repetitively woven into your neural pathways. Sometimes you hear the words of others coming out of your mouth, even though you swore you would never say XYZ, because it bugged you so much when your mother used to say that.

Most of these things are beliefs or habits that served well at the time they were passed on, but which now keep you stuck in a place where you don’t want to be.

The good news is that you don’t have to stay there.

How to control your inner voice and set your own path

Although our brains tend to follow old patterns by rote, it is possible to change the way we think. You may be wondering how to get rid of a voice in your head or whether it is okay to listen to the thoughts or some of to provide you with guidance in your life.

Your life up till now has been an apprenticeship of sorts, a collection of incidents that are designed to grant you insights and wisdom. It is what we do with those learnings that dictates how our lives play out.

We never stop learning, growing, forming and re-forming our inner voice, thoughts and identities. We are dynamic beings, ever evolving based on the experiences that cross our paths. When we become aware of the way we are allowing these experiences to guide us, we start to realise the power we hold in being able to change them.

Ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ More importantly, ask yourself, ‘Who am I NOT?’

There is, of course, a deeper process needed to really begin to rewire your brain and truly shift your mindset.

But these questions are a good place to start, because they give you the opportunity to do some waste removal.

Some polishing of the rough edges, so you can identify what serves you and what doesn’t, what aligns with your higher purpose and what doesn’t.

My inner monologue

As you gain clarity over your mission in this life and your vision on how you will achieve it, you will naturally become more aware of your thoughts.

You will naturally start to realise when it is your higher self speaking and when you’re fighting with yourself in your head.

My passion didn’t come to me until I was forced to pay attention. I had made great headway in my life, with an impressive corporate career in sales and marketing. I was always top in my field, winning all the awards. From the outside, it looked like I had all my ducks in a row. It looked like I had an amazing life. But I know now that I was playing small.

But I didn’t pay attention. So, my health kept failing. It was a way of being told to sit up and take a good, hard look at my life. I was stubborn. I had five stents put in to support my heart. Then, I needed another stent in my right femoral, as I couldn’t even walk around the block. Then, a pacemaker.

Yet, I was still ignoring the signs my body was giving me! Next, my organs became suffocated by my allergic reaction to aromatherapy. After investing over $35,000 in my dream of an aromatherapy business to allow me to be my own boss, I had to ditch it to stay alive.

It took a lot to wake me up. It took dying, in fact, for me to really come alive.

When internal voices in my head are healthy and not healthy for me

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I had to move house when the family home where I had been recovering was sold. I kept thinking, ‘What the FUCK?! Why do these things keep happening to me?’

Then I started questioning myself: Who was I to reach for the stars? What if I trusted myself instead of that little voice in my head and people laughed? Or told me I was stupid? What if I failed? What if I fell flat on my face?

I STOPPED and said to myself, ‘If I am going to move forward with life, then I need to draw a line in the sand and put the past behind me’.

I packed my car and moved to another state. I followed my inner voice and intuition without question, to discover who I really was and find out what truly lit me up.

I wanted to know what sort of legacy I could leave on this planet. I had learnt so much, it couldn’t all be for nothing.

Positive inner voices can lead to new opportunities

Long story short, I went to Queensland for 6 months, then to Byron Bay for another 6 months. I wrote my story about how I found myself. I backed myself and created SOUL PURPOSE FORMULA.

I welcomed myself into my business and recognised that I was my brand – time for everyone to see what I could do. I honed my skills as I created and delivered my program The Invisible ART of Calling in Your Soul Purpose 8 week intensive.

I finally felt like I was continuously moving forward, rather than that one step forward, two steps back dance that many of us get caught up in. There was only one direction for me now, and it was straight ahead at breakneck speed.

In trusting my intuition and the story that led me back home to Self, I discovered another element this year that has propelled me even further. I learned how to PERMANENTLY REMOVE (yes, forever) limiting beliefs that still crippled parts of me – old emotions that had held me back – and started building and reshaping what I really wanted for MY LIFE.

Even in this climate that we live in today, which can be full of uncertainty, I HAVE CERTAINTY.

I have clarity. I have direction. I have abundance.

I have found MY inner voice. I trust my intuition, my inner gut knowing.

I am developing my own SOVEREIGNTY.

Day by day my health is improving. I get that life is not the destination, but the journey; and I am happy to enjoy it, knowing that I am on a quest. I am not in a hurry. Ease and Grace are my friends.

I AM WORTHY. As are you.

You can REWIRE, DELETE & RESET to have the life you want.

Trust me, I know.

It is not just my own life that has benefited. I have been changing the lives of my clients with this method and it has been so much more rewarding that I could ever have imagined.

My VISION is to raise the vibration on the planet, one person at a time! I know that the ripple effect this creates is EPIC and I adore being a changemaker. I once wondered what kind of legacy I could leave for this planet. Woah. WHAT a legacy I am creating now.

Listen to the voice inside your mind

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