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Tips for living a good life by mastering your ‘garden’

It’s spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, also known as the ‘Ostara Spring Equinox 2020’ – a time of year when we come out of hibernation and breathe in the scent of the season’s awakening. Spring is a time of growth, of nourishment, of weeding out what doesn’t serve us, and of planning which seeds need to be sown to best prepare for the year ahead.

While this is not a “normal” year, we can still enter this Ostara Spring season with hope and a vision for the purpose we truly want to fulfil in this lifetime and beyond. We can still plant seeds of desire, we can still manifest opportunities for growth.

It’s our garden, after all; we decide what we plant in it.

Create a life you love

Do you want to create something extraordinary? Or are you happy to keep weeding and caretaking the gardens of those around you, while never truly taking the time to manifest the joy of building your own? Without ever finding TRUE happiness?

Let me share a story with you. When I was living with my mother – helping her like the good daughter I was and healing from a near-death experience – she decided to sell her house. This decision flung me into a panic because I had convinced myself that I wasn’t well enough to move forward in my life. All of a sudden, I was responsible for my own life and decisions.

A wave of fear came over me. Do I actually have to decide what I do with my life? Am I even capable of that?

It was in the midst of that inner turmoil that I realised the answer was ‘F*** YEAH!’ I had somehow found myself in a negative mind-spin, allowing those debilitating thoughts to spring up like weeds in the garden of my mind. I knew I had to clear those, because our thoughts influence what we create in reality. And I sure as hell didn’t want to create that reality.

I asked myself what made me happy and realised I wasn’t really sure.

I decided I would go in search of my authentic self and discover what lit me up…

Life is unpredictable, it changes with the seasons
I have an affinity with the seasons. I love their ebb and flow, ushering in change so organically – as, well, Mother Nature intended. I find myself grounded by nature, the feel of my bare feet touching the grass and soil. Am I ready to design my own garden?

I think you can probably guess my answer!

You see, that experience I shared with you was pivotal in me taking control of my life and considering what I actually wanted to do. For a long time, I had been content to let inertia pull and push me from moment to moment, without a true purpose. The time had come to decide what I was going to do with my life, for myself and for those who needed the magic I have to share.

Can you pinpoint a moment in your life when you’ve thought you needed to make a change?

Deciding what happiness looks like in your life

Do you know what makes you happy? TRULY happy? Have you even thought about it? Do you dream of designing your own garden, or are you happy to leave it to the elements and risk your plot becoming overgrown with weeds?

You have the ability to plant the seeds that will bring you joy in your life. You just have to decide which ones they are. What is the mission you want to lead in your life? What purpose do you want to serve? What legacy do you want to leave when you’re gone?

And when you have the answers, you have to take action. Rejoicing in the light of your newfound clarity without moving with intention will bring you no closer to where you want to be.

Common sense tips for living a good life

Mother and their children meditating to help them live a happy and fulfilled life in spring

If you know one thing about me, I hope it’s that I believe in purposeful action. I absolutely LOVE the power of manifestation, of calling in the things you desire, placing your orders with the universe and allowing yourself to receive. But those things don’t just happen.

These are some of my tips for living a good life and to help you identify what makes you happy – so you can create a beautiful garden that brings you joy:

  • Listen and feel into your body – it’s a wonderful barometer that’s free
  • Trust your intuition, that inner voice – it will always steer you in the right path
  • Look for signs and symbols – they are everywhere
  • Look around you: What makes you feel lighthearted and smile?
  • Think about what you have secretly wanted to experience – bucket list (movie)
  • Stop listening to others opinion – those opinions come from their experiences not yours
  • Go on some adventures by yourself, become the observer and use what God gave you in proportion – two ears, one mouth
  • Try some new things in your life, you never know until you give it a go!
  • BE open and curious
  • Don’t judge before you try
  • Watch your language – your thoughts create your words and your actions create your tomorrows
  • Keep your narrative positive and have fun

I’ll admit that sometimes I ask more questions than give answers. That’s on purpose. Everything I do is on purpose. I want YOU to come up with the answers. It is YOUR garden. You are the gardener, so pick up a shovel and get digging. Don’t forget to choose your favourite plants! Mine are sunflowers – they make me smile!

How to create your best life

The first step to creating your best life is to choose the seeds you want to plant. Then there is the conscious intention of how to approach the doing of your planting. That intention is the magical ingredient!

To set your intention, you must set the scene and create the narrative that you desire. Approach it like a ritual – prepare your tools and ingredients, and mix them just so. Hold the vision in your mind:

How do you want this to play out?

What is your endgame?

How do you want to feel when you sit in your finished garden, taking in the blooms around you?

What we are trying to achieve in the process of designing a garden – of deciding what our lives can look like – is an understanding of our innermost desires coupled with a plan of action. We need to bring what we do in life into alignment with our values, our needs, our desires, and our dreams. Otherwise we are just sprinkling unidentified seeds into a haphazardly turned bed and hoping to God we like what will grow there.

I’m telling you that you need to choose. Just like you would choose an outfit that makes you feel beautiful to attend a special occasion – though, admittedly, for many of us that is somewhat of a distant memory in this challenging year – choose plants that nurture your soul and connect with you emotionally.

Invite yourself to find that deeper, personal, slow-actioned intention as you do the things in your life that matter

It could be as simple as a spring equinox ceremony of making a cup of tea (or any season really). It could be the care and gratitude of making your bed; the slow, intentional smoothing down of the freshly sun-dried sheets, knowing how deliciously crisp they’ll feel when you slip into them at night. It could also be a beautiful, deep soul connection with a loved one; creating magical moments with people you care about and just basking in their company. Relish in the ritual of it, as it breeds and grows your connection.

When you feel the pull of external forces, invite them in instead. When you want to ground yourself in meditation but your kids are jumping all over you, invite them to join you. Teach them the beauty of sitting with your inner self and the gentle connection you have with Mother Earth. Learning how to meditate also helps with learning self-regulation and calming the nervous system, which is inarguably a wonderful tool to have as you walk through life. Leading by example this way is consciously designing the young seedlings you are developing in your home!

This is the joy that I have found with family. Love has been challenged in my world quite deeply but it has found a new path. We’ve moved beyond love to total acceptance, and our connection with one another has blossomed, with no judgement, no infringement, just the simple being and a newfound appreciation of the priceless qualities family can bring through all challenges when we allow it. Find the true, conscious JOY in your everyday activities. I promise you, it’s worth it.

Spring cleaning motivation ideas

A woman smelling flowers in spring and taking advantage of living a good life

  • Meditating, dreaming and connecting to your higher self
  • Learning to quiet the mind
  • Journaling and storytelling
  • Crafting
  • Cooking
  • Learning a new skill or language
  • Making your own Christmas gifts to add a deeper meaning to the occasion
  • Bringing family members together on a project so they can learn from each other

And, of course, keep planting seeds. No garden is ever truly finished. Just as the spring equinox changes into the next season, so do the things you see. Different birds and insects pollinating your plants, different flowers depending on the time of year, some trees with leaves and others without, grass that is impossibly green turning brown under the heat of a persistent sun.

A garden needs tending. It needs a gardener. Do you have the mettle to step up to the challenge?

Book your free discovery call with me. I’ll tap into the life you truly desire and see what emotional blocks are getting in the way of making your garden blossom.

Tips for living a good life by mastering your ‘garden’

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